Rusted Chrome

Episode Synopsis

Rusted Chrome is a fable about what happens when we put our time, energy, and love into everything except the people we love. A neglectful father gets a second chance with his daughter after realizing that the 64 Impala he has cared for and cherished turns out to be more beautiful than the daughter who had longed for his attention.

From the Set

Kenneth Castillo

I love working with actors and like minded people who share a passion for storytelling. Encounters gave me an opportunity to not only work with a bunch of people whom I love and respect but also enabled me to incorporate and perfect my process. It's amazing what can be done with so little when you take the ego and attitude out of the movie making process. Mig and Mau helped create an environment where each of us could thrive and perfect our craft and share our stories. I hope everyone that takes the time to check out the episodes finds them to be engaging and authentic.