About Encounters

Series Synopsis and Production Team.

The Encounters Web Series is based on a simple set of questions…
What if you had an opportunity to meet with a loved one who passed away?
What would you say?
What would you do?

Encounters is an original web series created by Executive Producer Miguel Torres and Mauricio Mendoza, which revolves around individuals meeting with a loved one from the afterlife for a brief moment - a moment to ask for forgiveness and understanding, a moment to mend a lost relationship, or a moment to say things that were never said.

Each unique 5-7 minute episode sets up and follows a main character's catharsis with someone they have lost in a seemingly real, yet surreal circumstance.

Production Team

Production Company

Angel Flight Media

Miguel Torres and Mauricio Mendoza

Executive Producers
Miguel Torres and Mauricio Mendoza

Kenneth Castillo

Associate Producers
Lorena Alvarado and Yeniffer Behrens

Director of Photography
Armando Acevedo

Stephen Murray

Music Composer
Andres Mendoza

Music Composers
Carlos Ojeda and Randy Escobedo

Web Designer
Manuel B. Andrade