Mi Media Naranja

Episode Synopsis

Twin brothers reunite after one of the brother's takes his life because of the lack of love and support he receives from his family due to his homosexuality.

Behind the Story

Episode co-Writer - Ryan Fahey

"This piece reveals that admitting you're gay is a difficult decision, one that a gay individual doesn't necessarily know how to deal with. Society often likes to believe that one is "choosing" to be gay - but this couldn't be further from the truth. Being gay in this society can often be a hardship, so why would anyone wish to choose this lifestyle? For those who are able to embrace themselves fully and understand who they are, without fear of consequences, then they have true power over their lives and destiny. It is with that hope that suicides, fear of coming out, and confusion of one's identity may be avoided."

From the Set

Director of Photography - Armando Acevedo

"Like many independent projects our beginnings were humble.  Beyond a shoe-string budget, "Mi Media Naranja" was shot with 2 Panasonic DVX 100b cameras utilizing the 24p cinematic features offered in the camera. We only tweaked the Gamma to try and get both cameras to match. A small portable monitor, a boom pole with a Shure 416 shotgun mic and we were set to go. The script called for an outdoor setting and we lucked out because the day was overcast. We had reflectors but did need them since Mother nature was taking care of us. There were a few moments when the clouds would break and it can be noticed on the reverse shots, but Stephen in editing did an outstanding job to minimize the change in the mood. Director Kenneth and the Mendoza twins did an outstanding job!"