Challenge Coin

Episode Synopsis

Alex Ramos is a Vietnam veteran and the commander of a veteran’s post. The post has become his sanctuary from a civilian world he prefers to avoid.

Alex’s relationship with his son was as close as father and son could be. It was Alex who trained his son physically and mentally to become a warrior.

Alex is alone at the post one night when his son appears. The omission of a critical element of the training becomes the nexus of their encounter.

Prior to his departure his son explains to Alex that he has come to understand the reason for the oversight.

As a final act, Alex’s son entrusts him with his Challenge Coin; a symbol among Military Brothers in Arms of Respect, Unity and Love.

From the Set

Music Composer - Carlos Ojeda

It is great working on Encounters. I love the fact that its a great story with many different situations and how each story makes you feel . Its great creating the music atmosphere that enhances the watching experience.

Working with such talented actors makes it very easy .  I am proud to be a part of such a great web series.