Episode Synopsis

A woman finds it difficult to function in the wake of a terrible tragedy that occurred just outside her front door.

From the Set

Writter - Ruben Padilla

"My Encounter"
The truth is, the entire reason for my involvement with Encounters can be summed up in two words: Mauricio Mendoza.  With all of his years of experience as a working actor in Los Angeles, he has, more than anybody I've ever met, been able to hang on to the most necessary ingredient to survive the entertainment industry - passion. And he's now transferred that passion into the role of Producer.  

We can all get cynical, and like anybody else, he has his moments too, but underneath the humor is a fervent hope that together, we can make anything happen.  "Encounters" shows us that.

Mauricio has always been a "Big Picture" kind of guy, and in those moments when I see things as smaller or less important than they are, he reminds me that we need to rise up to our potential, every day, and press forward.  This central idea permeates every episode of this series.

What you are seeing right now on this site is tangible proof that talented people can, when they put their minds to it, create anything. It started as a dream. Then it became a vision; a plan; a labor of love; and now, a reality.

It will always exist.  Nobody can take it away. With his encouragement, and through his prodding, nudging, pushing, and expecting only my best, Mauricio enabled me to have a deeply personal encounter with myself.

Thanks, Mau.