Episode Synopsis

Is a story that deals with love, depression, frustration, and two people who couldn't communicate well enough to save their upcoming marriage.


Behind the Story

Writer - Ruth Livier and Mauricio Mendoza

"Anniversary" was the result of a day-long brainstorming and writing session between Ruth and me, and is special because we had no idea what it was going to be.  We knew we wanted something that was spiritual in nature, with one person being dead (by suicide), but it wasn't until we started working with our editor and added music that we realized it was going to have a Sci-fi feel.  This is how Encounters was born.

Looking back on it now, this episode perfectly captures the spirit of Encounters - grace under pressure, hope in the wake of despair, and the notion that it's never too late to revisit missed opportunities.

From the Set

Director of Photography - Joe Camareno

Working with the dedicated crew and creator of Encounters was effortless. Everyone knew their task and worked seamlessly to get the job done. We had a limited amount of time in our location and were able to finish right on schedule because of the work ethic of the individuals involved in this production. Kudos!