My Abuser

Episode Synopsis

Victim Confronts his Past abuser, shocking to know it’s a family member.

Behind the Story

Writer - Miguel Torres

"Children lose their innocence at the hands of family members and friends and those innocent voices grow up to confront those who abused them."

From the Set

Actor - Jay Montalvo

"My Abuser"...In so many words depicting a horrific example of one human being causing ill harm to another. However, not necessarily so in this Episode from Encounters. Although a short narrative to engage a myriad topic of discomfort, It touches on an often taboo subject that many would choose to deny, sweep under the rug or choose to forget entirely because of the pain and shame it may bring to their lives and those around them. My experience with this episode was one of full understanding that the subject matter at hand may in fact cause controversy, but I felt most compelled to portray a character that in his own mind, saw nothing wrong with his behavior and or actions.  Hopefully this episode will shine a most important light on the subject matter and allow those that may have been abused in their lives to better understand that they are not alone and thus release the suffering of carrying a dirty little secret. As for the topic itself, personally I am no expert and when it comes to understanding the atrocities committed by and perpetrated on to others by abusers, a profound curiosity to better understand both sides was what I found compelling and forthright.