Episode Synopsis

The fragility of time ends a father and son's bond too soon.  But like a song of yesterday one last reunion will help them move beyond the echos of their past.

Behind the Story

Writer - Kevin Sifuentes

"When I first heard of the " Encounters" project I was inspired to write an episode by a conversation I had with my dad quite sometime ago.  With the webseries premise set, the challenge I found was to write a story that involved some mystery.  I give total credit to our producers Miguel Torres and Mauricio Mendoza for creating a supportive environment that allowed me an open artistic venue to express my story.  And as director of the piece they granted me the creative freedom to achieve my vision.  With the contributions of Armando Acevedo superb camera work, along with the talented efforts of editors Kiko Velarde and Stephen Murray and the gifted music of Andy Mendoza I could not ask for a better team."