Emanuel Gironi

Emanuel Gironi was a child when he began his career in television, film and theatre. He pursued acting in high school and into his college years when he enrolled at the University of Miami. There, he studied acting and directing, and had three directorial debuts - "The Indian Wants The Bronx", "A Hat Full Of Rain", and "The Seagull" – and he performed lead acting roles at the university’s Ring Theatre.

Upon graduation, the Univision Network selected him as co-host of Ojoreja – the first Spanish nationally and internationally aired MTV-styled music and entertainment show that aired back in the early 80s. Concurrently, he was an on-air personality at South Florida’s highest rated radio station, WHYI Y-100.  

Emanuel then founded his own theatrical company, Gaviota Productions. He produced, directed and acted in "Extremities", "The Boys In The Band", "The Third Word" and "Paper Flowers" -- all of which made money, and he reinvested the profits back into the business toward new productions.

Thereafter, Emanuel’s career hit two milestones -- he wrote his first feature film, and he began working for the Telemundo Network as an actor in three popular novelas -- "Cadena Braga”, “Marielena", and "Tres Destinos" -- playing the lead antagonist in each.  The novelas were produced in the United States and Puerto Rico and aired in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean Basin, the Middle East, and Africa, and were translated into more than 30 languages.  Telemundo also chose Emanuel to play the role of Jimmy Martinez, a corrupt detective with a wild imagination, on the hit TV series "Angeles". 

Subsequently, Emanuel launched his own Los Angeles-based film production company, Knock ‘em Alive Films, that to date has written, directed, produced and acted in three of its films. The first was “A Simple Choice", which explores adultery and its potential effects on a man's life, but takes on a plot twist that leads to an unexpected ending. This film was briefly on the film festival circuit but was quickly licensed to cable TV for two years with an option for a third year. Having been so well received by audiences, it was picked up for the third year.

"The Mind Conjurers", a film about paralysis and how a couple learns to cope with it using the power of the mind, came next. It was played at the Sunset Laemmele Theater on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. The third film, "Lucia Kisses No One" (in Spanish with English subtitles), explores the latent effects of child abuse in adults and has received industry acclaim, earned several awards and much recognition. These include Best Latino Film 2009 at the Downtown Film Festival L.A., Best Actress and Audience Choice Award 2010 at the Holly Shorts Film Festival, The 14th Fade In Award 2010 where it won first place in the Thriller category, The Accolade Award 2009 at The Accolade Award Competition, among others.

Currently, Emanuel is writing several feature films, including a romantic comedy, a suspense thriller, a horror film, and a spiritual thriller -- all of which he expects to be highly entertaining and thought provoking.

Emanuel is also in the process of developing a film production/acting/writing/film finance curriculum for the Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise, a charter high school in in Los Angeles,CA.